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Looking to the future

Dr Fillmore and members of Company 118 in Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce, Guatemala- During a recent trip to Guatemala, Dr. Parker Fillmore (Boise, ID) met with several members of the Rio Dulce medical community. The visit included a stop at the local fire station to deliver basic medical supplies including blood pressure and pulse oximetry monitoring equipment. In addition PHI donated over $2000 in complex wound and burn dressings to the Casa Guatemala nursing station and the Rio Dulce health center. The local firefighters are mostly volunteers with few resources, but big hearts. With the closest hospital nearly two hours away, they provide not only emergency trauma care but are also the first responders for all general medical needs in the remote areas of the community, many of which are only accessible by small boats through narrow water ways. In the future, PHI plans to work more closely with the firefighters as well as the health providers stationed at the small health posts scattered throughout the region. We are currently in the process of developing a small community grant program, through which local organizations can obtain funding and technical assistance to address the specific health needs of their communities. If you are interested in helping with these efforts, drop us a line at

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